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CRI Associates

In 2007 Dr. Hannes Coetzee was appointed as the first "CRI Associate" after the concept of formal cooperation between CRI and other Research and Technical support entitites, including individuals, in addition to the Alliance Partnership model, was approved by the CRI Board of Directors.

Dr. Hannes Coetzee with more than 40 years' experience, is a leader in the field of soil preparation, fertilisation, irrigation and plant nutrition. He has been involved in the citrus industry for 43 years. His career started with his appointment as manager of the then Leaf Analysis Service (later known as Outspan Laboratories) in 1974 where he was involved in supplying fertilisation programmes to citrus producers all over Southern Africa.

From 1982 his responsibilities as manager of Outspan Laboratories were extended to manage the research of the then Citrus Exchange Technical Department in respect of all aspects involving soils, nutrition and irrigation of citrus. In 1997 the Outspan Laboratories were incorporated into a new company, Central Agricultural Laboratories (CAL) and he was appointed as Technical Director. After his resignation in 2003 he started his own company, JGK Consultancy CC to be able to spend more time on the nutrition of fruit trees, including citrus.